Here at Lach-On Construction we always put the customer first. Our owner Clint has spent his whole life surrounded by construction. He has always been out hard-working people and that is ingrained in his body and might always be hard-working and he never would hire anybody who is not going to work just as artisan. Clint’s passion is for serving others. He’s always wanted to build up other people as well as invest time and effort and money into his community. The top place for Home Builder Texarkana.

Clint was originally a firefighter and that felt like it was his natural calling. As always wanted to be the people around him and get back to the community safe people in stressful situations. He is seen many things including many homes destroyed while he was a firefighter and that is what inspired him to start Lach-On Construction. Seeing all those homes destroyed seeing those families need new homes sent a spark in him so that he could go start out trust company so he could build homes or people. He wanted to restore those hopes that people lost in the fires.

The source part-time as a firefighter and the other half the time he does sales for Lach-On Construction. The listing of the work with both still doing firefighter people that way and also helping people by giving them the house that they’ve always wanted restore what they had lost. We always to give the customer the best possible make sure that each step of the way we are in contact with them that they had a percent guaranteed. We are going to cover our product with a hot 100% satisfaction guarantee because we know we are going to do the best job. Was about ourselves because we know we had the best home builders and technicians around.

We tells ourselves to to for all of the people in our community people. We can do commercial building construction we can to homebuilding as well as barn dominions. We always get the most talented people for the job. A matter what type of technician we have we always make it the best want to have anything like it. Was make sure that you are at the place for the one-stop shop for all things construction in Texarkana. This at if you want a house you want to shop you commercial building we want to be the place that you go to. We are the Home Builder Texarkana.

If you like to learn more about the company go to or 903-716-8200 so you can see why are the place to go for Home Builder Texarkana. We promise you’ll be delighted with our work and that you will find us welcoming and supportive. You’re the reason that we in this job not so that we can take your money so we can serve you if you house that you want. We cannot wait to show you the difference between us and our competitors. Our service of our customers is second to Should

How Is A Home Builder Texarkana So Excellent?


Our father quit his job as a firefighter to help build spec people had lost. You do this to build them a crappy help after they have lost their home. That is what he is only going to build the highest quality homes and give them something better than even what they lost. We get the customers top quality experience from start to the finish. If you have any questions about our company we would be copied to answer for you and we will show you why we are the Home Builder Texarkana.

We promise what your confidence in us you will see that his excellent choice. Thank you so much for considering us checking out the website. We are so honored to be part of the Texarkana area. We loved please call this place often rededicated making this place the best part of the country. You’re always going to make sure that you are 100% guaranteed with the product work we will do what we can’t fix. You’re never going to leave you unsatisfied.

Even though Clint started this company to build great helps to lessen the not only wants to be your home builder he wants to be a contractor that you can ask to do anything for you. All different types of construction just building comes. We have built many things from large metal buildings to large shops to carports and custom homes. We wanted to every single thing we can help if you think that you desire. We know that is stressful skill to different people for different things if I were to come to one place and be able to get all your questions answered one person. We don’t’s rent different contractors for different things we would be your go to shop for Home Builder Texarkana.

Would offer a wide range of services to make sure that each one of our services is top quality. We don’t specialize in one thing and then do okay otherwise but we give each and every one of our services only the best guarantee. That is why we have carbon percent satisfaction guarantee always will consistently communicate with our customers make sure they know exactly what we offering and how much it’s going to cost. It was be on time because wewill we can be a stressful situation that we meet our deadline so that you can move in exactly what you are supposed.

If you’re looking for a place where we love you to join our Home Builder Texarkana team. We always want to grow our company if you to be a part of somebody who cares about you and will give you excellent pay song as part of this positive and this is the perfect place to work. About a company go to or 903-716-8200 that you can see all of the excellent reviews why people love working with this. We can it is a frequent detector city and we will be happy to answer any questions you have for the be about homebuilding or about something as small as a carport we would be happy to work with you.