Why Us

High Quality Materials

At Lach-On we understand that the reputation that we have as a home builder Texarkana is not strictly determined by our quality of craftsmanship but the quality of materials we use on our jobs. That is why we only use materials that we would be comfortable with using in our own homes! We strive to find the most affordable materials without compromising on the integrity of the products. We want you to feel confident whether you are using as your home builder Texarkana or having us simply do some remodeling services, that the materials we are using on your project are going to list you! We understand that this is a huge investment on your part and it is important that integrity is in every single detail. We appreciate the trust you are putting into use and it is our duty to make sure that the trust we put in our materials will last you a very long time! When you work with Lach-On Construction you will be able to trust that every aspect of your project is going to be high quality. From the materials we use to the customer service we provide and of course our craftsmanship, we will be able to give you a five star service! Just read some of our google reviews if you are hesitant about what your experience with Lach-On will be like. After that we would love to get a call from you so that we can walk you through what the process looks like and get you will on the way to the home of your absolute dreams!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that anytime you are embarking on a construction project, it is a big investment on money and time! That is why we are the home builder Texarkana that gives each one of our customers our 100% satisfaction guarantee! We want you to be able to feel confident that the work we do is going to be of top quality and you will be able to count on your vision being realized. We want to make sure you are very happy with your experience from the customer service in which we provide and the quality of workmanship in which we perform. We understand that there are a lot of home builder Texarkana companies for you to choose from and the value that you have chosen Lach-On as your premium home builder of choice! We do not take this decision lightly which is why we ensure your satisfaction with us with our 100% guarantee! If you have any questions or concerns about working with us we encourage you to give us a quick search on google to read some of our 5 star google reviews. If you are still nervous about starting your project with this home builder Texarkana we would love for you to give us a call so that we can walk you through the process and answer any questions that you may have!



At Lach-On Construction we pride ourselves by being the home builder Texarkana that never provides cookie cutter solutions to our customers. We work directly with our clients to be able to come up with unique solutions that meet their needs and wants exactly. Our team of expert craftsmen are able to come up with unique designs that are specific to each home and project. We love being able to come up with creative solutions and always make sure to pay very close attention to detail. We believe it is our duty as your home builder Texarkana to be able to bring to the table fresh new ideas and designs that are specific to your style. We want you to feel comfortable with communicating with us and working alongside us to make sure that the project turns out to be exactly what you had in mind! Our system allows you to be as involved or uninvolved as you like as you use us as your home builder Texarkana. No longer be held captive by cookie cutter solutions or designs, but be able to get as creative and customized as you would like! Have an end result that is completely unique and customized to your exact needs! By working with Lach-On you will be able to have a construction experience that is easy and simple, with the end result being a dream home that you will love for years to come! Let’s go ahead and get started on your custom built dream home by filling out the form on our site or giving the number in the top right a call! We’ll be so happy to speak with you and provide to you as much information as possible. We cannot wait to create your forever home and give you a construction experience that blows every other one out of the water!

Professional Craftsmanship

Why we are able to provide such a wind range of services and give our customers such expert care is because we have a team of professionals that love what they do. When skill and passion meet, you can best believe that you have the right home builder Texarkana working for you. We are extremely picky and intentional about the team we build as we know that our reputation in the industry is dependent on them. At Lach-On we are constantly looking to improve and are never satisfied, constantly working to gain skills and knowledge in the industry. A lot of home builder Texarkana companies will subcontract out all their work or have general laborers execute cookie cutter designs. At Lach-On you can trust that the person doing the work at your home is an expert in their trade and is able to think on their feet. This allows us to not just finish jobs efficiently but also be able to provide new ideas to our clients and give them a customized experience. With a passion for what we do and the desire to always do better, we are able to be a superior home builder Texarkana and are so excited to be able to take on your project!